Spring Mix Nutrition Facts

  • Spring Mix provides an:
  • Excellent source of vitamin K
  • Folate
spring mix growing in a field

Growing Information

Spring mix is normally harvested mechanically at a very young age, before they reach five inches in height. It’s often harvested at night when temperatures are cooler, the air is still and there is less humidity, which allows the greens to stand up making them easier to cut. The mechanical harvesting equipment uses a horizontal saw blade that cuts the leaves at the base. The height of the blade is adjustable. The cut leaves are carried on a conveyor belt to an air gap, where heavier contaminants such as weeds or debris will fall through. The young spring mix leaves fall onto a secondary conveyor belt and are transferred into a bulk harvest bin.

Usage Ideas

Salad is the perfect thing for Spring Mix since it already has a variety of greens and is normally sold pre-washed and packaged

Spring Mix Salad

Simply dump the package in a bowl, add sliced strawberries or cranberries and chopped chicken. Toss with your favorite dressing and you have an easy, tasty and nutritious meal in minutes.