Green Leaf Lettuce Nutrition Facts

  • Green leaf lettuce provides an:
  • Excellent source of vitamin K
  • Good source of vitamin A
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin
Lettuce Nutrition Facts and Information

Growing Information

Leafy lettuces, which include green leaf, are just behind romaine and iceberg lettuce in terms of the volume produced in California. Leaf lettuces are grown on just under 60,000 acres in California with nearly 500,000 tons produced each year. Green leafy lettuce takes from 65 to 80 days to grow from seed to maturity when planted in mid-summer, but can take as long as 130 days when planted in the fall or winter. It is primarily harvested by hand and placed into cartons in the field for bulk sale. It can also be harvested into bins or totes and sent to processing facilities for packaging as part of a salad mix.

Usage Ideas

Green leaf is the perfect sandwich topper

Next-level BLT

Nothing beats a green leaf lettuce as a key ingredient in a BLT. This crisp, green leaf provides just the right flavor and crunch to this classic sandwich with bacon and some juicy slices of tomato. Add mayo to toasted wheat bread and pile the ingredients high. Delicious.