Crispy crunchy tender nutty bitter slightly sweet peppery

One of the best things about lettuce and leafy greens is there are so many different kinds to choose from and so many ways to eat them. All are packed with nutrition and low in calories.

In this section of our website, you’ll learn basic information about some of the most popular varieties of leafy greens from romaine to cabbage to kale to endive. For one thing -- not all these items are lettuce. Some, like kale and cabbage, are more closely related to broccoli or cauliflower, while spinach is actually in the same family as beets and quinoa.

The goal here is to provide you with information about each of the leafy greens covered under the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement's comprehensive food safety program, describe their flavor profiles, highlight their nutritional benefits, offer some delicious serving suggestions and share some cool insights about how lettuce and leafy greens are grown.

Experiencing Greens

Eating is a multi-sensory experience and leafy greens deliver a diverse array of colors, textures and flavors to make each bite memorable. Each leafy green variety has its own sensory fingerprint which we have simplified in radar graph form to illustrate where leafy greens plot for Color, Texture, Flavor, Sweetness & Bitterness on a 5-point scale. Choose a sensory experience below to learn more.