Escarole Nutrition Facts

  • Escarole provides an:
  • Excellent source of vitamin K
  • Good source of folate
  • Vitamin A
photo of a carton of leafy greens including escarole

Growing Information

Escarole can be sold as a whole head in bulk. Product destined for this use is hand-harvested and packed into cartons in the field. But it is more commonly sold as part of a salad mix. For this purpose, it is mechanically harvested or mowed as a baby, packed into totes and shipped to a processing facility for packaging with other leafy greens. Escarole takes from 85 to 100 days to grow from seed to maturity.

Usage Ideas

Escarole is a perfect addition to soups because it’s tender enough to cook quickly and adds just enough flavor without overpowering

Enhance your favorite soup

Start with your favorite soup recipe and throw in some chopped escarole.