Public Health Agencies Investigating E. Coli Outbreaks

November 10, 2020 – Public health agencies are actively investigating three E. Coli outbreaks. The food item(s) that may have caused these illnesses has not been identified.

Tracking a potential situation

What Lettuce Farmers Want You to Know

Public health agencies have stated that we cannot assume these current outbreaks are linked to romaine or other leafy greens, but investigations are looking at this potential because illnesses appear to be caused by a pathogen closely related to an E. Coli strain implicated in past outbreaks associated with romaine lettuce.

Ill people include 23 individuals in one outbreak, 21 in another and 12 in the third. Investigations are ongoing to determine the sources in all outbreaks.

What Consumers Should Do

No food item has been identified as the source of these outbreaks. One company has issued a recall of romaine lettuce.

What Stores and Restaurants Should Know

No consumer advisory has been issued for any lettuce or leafy greens product at this time.   A single  company has issued a romaine lettuce recall.

You will be notified immediately if this situation changes.

What Health Officials are Saying:

Public health agencies are emphasizing that the food item(s) linked to these illnesses has not yet been identified. They note that E. coli O157:H7 can contaminate many foods, but there is currently no information to indicate people should avoid any specific food.

Link to FDA on outbreaks with unknown sources 1 & 2

Link to FDA on outbreak with unknown source 3

Link to CDC