Lettuce Safety and Health Facts

Welcome to an evidence-based resource for all things lettuce. This website was created so that registered dietitians, professional food writers and consumers can access facts and get answers to questions about lettuce.

Here you’ll learn from experts in nutrition and farming about lettuce from California & Arizona – how it’s grown, what farmers are doing to make sure it’s safe and why lettuce truly is one of the safest, freshest and healthiest foods we can feed our families.

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Farmers are committed to growing safe food and nowhere is this more important than in California and Arizona where lettuce farmers are part of an organization that invites government regulators to visit lettuce farms to make sure they are following a set of science-based food safety practices. We encourage you to learn about this important food safety program.

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Crispy, crunchy, tender, nutty, bitter, slightly sweet, peppery. These are just some of the words that describe lettuce. When it comes to lettuce and leafy greens, people have so many choices. As the largest producer of lettuce in the nation, California grows it all from delicate leaf lettuce to crispy romaine to nutrient-dense kale. All are packed with nutrients for healthy living and each has its own flavor, texture and unique growing style. Explore these pages and learn more about your favorites or find some new ones to try.

Get the Facts Lettuce Nutrition

Years of nutritional research show that lettuce can play a big role in improving our health. Visit here to learn just a few of the many studies that show the health benefits of eating leafy lettuces and vegetables.