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How to Make Eating More Dark Leafy Greens a Habit that Sticks!

If someone were to ask me what’s one of the best food habits they could make…I would encourage them to …

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Lettuce and Food Bullying

If you don’t know about Food Bullying yet – you really should.  This is especially true if you’re a  registered …

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‘Experiencing Greens’ Explores Sensory Characteristics of Lettuce

Jessica Foust is a chef, registered dietitian and member of the Advisory Panel that oversees website content for, a …

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Is Lettuce All It Takes?

Does ‘Romaine Lettuce Water’ Really Promote Better Sleep? Each year in January people get interested in health and along with …

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When a Recall Isn’t Really a Recall

When a food safety event happens, companies or public health agencies like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …

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Arugula has Arrived

The variety of lettuce and leafy greens in supermarkets has expanded dramatically since I was a child. At the time …

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How To Build A Healthier Salad: Nutrition and Food Safety Tips From Consumer Reports

In the August 2021 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, people can learn all about how to make a healthier salad …

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Lettuce Nutrition Facts

Keep leafy greens safe on the plate: words on washing

May is National Salad Month and what better time to learn a bit about when and how to wash lettuce? …

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Lettuce Nutrition Facts and Information

Optimizing the Immune System by Consuming Leafy Greens

March is National Nutrition Month. With Spring here and an end to the pandemic in sight, what better time to …

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